MHToyShop is a online retailer that sells anime items, figures & Japanese imported goods. All of the items that we sell throughout our store are 100% authentic. We’re currently located in Los Angeles, California. 

History of MHToyShop

MHToyShop first began in 2012 as a small Ebay seller that specialized in selling loose collectible action figures. Primarily action figures from lines like Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics. Like most collectors I was introduced to action figures at an early age. Having everything from Batman to Power Rangers then getting older and moving into more adult focused lines, anime and Japanese imported figures. Most kids would rather play with video games, but toys was always something I was interested in while video games took the back seat. 

In my travels of buying items to feed my collection, I would purchase figures from toy retailers and sellers who were known as "reputable" or "recommended" and was shocked at the quality service they offered. I was shocked at how many sellers wouldn't stand behind products they were selling, how the buyer is automatically at fault if something were to go wrong, how many sellers would sell bootlegs and pawn them off as authentic items and how many sellers would disappear once they get your money. 

Growing tired of dealing with this problem, I started MHToyShop with the sole purpose to offer collectors a headache free shopping experience to bring the fun back into collecting. Somewhere you can buy and know what you're getting and not have to cross your fingers after every purchase. All while striving for 100% satisfaction with every purchase. 

As the years passed, our store has grown and expanded suppling our customers with all types of action figures. We now have thousands of happy customers and a small team to service them. Our focus has also shifted from primarily western items to anime & Japanese imported goods. Our website is constantly updated daily with new items to tickle your fancy. 


Founder of MHToyShop

Getting your product

Shipping fast is something we take serious. We ship items out daily and we stock 100% of our products in our New Jersey warehouse location so we do not have to rely on 3rd party fulfillment or dropshippers. Controlling our inventory and products allows us to get your order shipped faster.

Like we said earlier we strive for providing 100% satisfaction. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

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