MHToyShop Shipping

In an effort to save our customers more money and further simplify your figure buying hobby we’d like to introduce a new shipping service. Starting June 5, 2016 we will be offering all U.S. customers $7 flat rate shipping for all orders under $140. No matter the quantity of items, the weight, size or distance you are from us, you will only pay $7! Forget the headache of getting a shipping quote to figure out if the price is worth it you now have one simplified option. 

Have questions? Take a look at our Flat Rate shipping FAQ’s. If your question hasn’t been answered here, you can shoot us an email to

How long will MHTS Flat Rate shipping take? 

Most shipments will ship Priority Mail and arrive within 2 to 3 days. Bulkier items will ship ground which can take about 5 business days.

Is shipping trackable? 

All shipments will be trackable to your door step. Once your item ships, the tracking number will be emailed to you. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for it to update. 

Can I choose another shipping service besides MHTS Flat Rate shipping?

To simplify the shipping process we only display our flat rate shipping on orders under $140, but if you want another shipping service(i.e. FedEx, USPS Express etc.) you can email us at for a quote. 

Will you still offer free shipping on orders over $140?

Yes! If your order surpasses $140 you will qualify for free shipping! 

Is there flat rate shipping for international customers? 

 Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t offer flat rate for international customers, but stay tuned. 

My pre order hasn’t released and I ordered before June 5, 2016 will I get flat rate shipping? 

Yes. If you haven’t been invoiced yet for your pre order you will qualify for flat rate shipping since you will be completing your order after June 5, 2016.


We offer customers the ability to hold items to take advantage of our flat rate and free shipping promotions. Please take a look at the following to see how our hold system works.

Bundling multiple items to take advantage of our Flat Rate Shipping

By default if you mix in stock items and pre orders together in the same order and you were charged shipping, all of the available items will be shipped immediately. If you would like your items held until the pre order(s) arrive(s) please comment on the order at checkout so we know to hold your order.

Bundling multiple items to take advantage of our Free Shipping

By default if you mix in stock items and pre orders together in the same order and you weren’t charged shipping, your order will not ship until all of the items have arrived in the order. If you choose the “Pay for Pre Order Later” option we will only invoice the item’s price with no shipping attached when each item arrives.